Spring is almost here and many dogs will have already started shedding their winter coat, ready for their Summer coat. Spring brings with it the risk of fleas and ticks along with the dreaded shed! I wanted to share with you my Top 8 Products for Short Coated Breeds.

As a Dog Groomer, it’s my business to know about shampoos and coat care. For those that you that come to my Dog Grooming Salon will know, I love natural products, which is why everything listed here is natural!

  1. Hownd: Yup You Stink Shampoo

Lilly With Hownd Shampoo

It would only be right for me to start this with shampoo, just because winter is on its way out it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t need to bath your dog. Now if your dog is anything like Lilly, she’ll always find something dirty, smelly or dead to roll in!

Hownd has created a wide range of Cruelty-Free shampoos, the bottle in my photograph is the Professional 5 litre jug, as used by Professional Dog Groomers, you can get them in retail 250ml bottles for use at home. I have the following scents that I use at the salon:

  • Yup You Stink – for dogs that are super muddy or a little pungent!
  • Got an Itch – for dogs with sensitive skin, dandruff or a dull coat.
  • Keep Calm – used with dogs that are maybe a little nervous.
  • Miracle White & Bright – for helping get those beautiful white coats nice and bright, naturally!

I use these shampoos year round because I’m very keen to ensure I use natural, cruelty-free products on the dogs I work with and if I wouldn’t use it on Lilly it won’t ever be used in my groom room.

  1. Herbal Pet Supplies: No More Bites Shampoo

 no more bites liquid

This is a hot topic of discussion year round but as Spring arrives the risk increases for flea and tick infestation. As such I use Herbal Pet Supplies: No More Bites Shampoo as a final wash on Lilly, this is because it is a natural repellent for both fleas and ticks and thus acts as an extra precaution after being bathed. This fantastic shampoo can be used alongside veterinary flea and tick control, however, I personally use Herbal Pet Supplies No More Bites liquid as my flea and tick control. Plus it smells amazing… think Sherbert Lemon!

  1. Hownd: Peach Bum Perfume or Butch Leather Cologne

hound butch leather and peach bum

All dogs that visit my grooming salon will leave with a spritz of Peach Bum for the girls and Butch Leather for the boys. Both these sprays are cruelty-free and natural and I’ve always had compliments on how nice it smells. It’s perfect for freshening up when your dog isn’t quite bath ready but just has a light whiff!

  1. Herbal Pet Supplies: Silver Cream

This little pot of awesomeness is a must have even if you don’t own a pet! I personally use this Silver Cream on myself as well as on Lilly, I don’t use it on dogs in my groom room but I do sell it to customers who ask. Silver has been used and heralded for its anti-bacterial properties and it’s safe for your pets if it’s licked! I use it on cuts and grazes as well as sore areas of skin with fantastic results, however, I must say that you should consider seeking veterinary guidance too for any wounds or unexplained sores.

  1. Herbal Pet Supplies: Fresh Orange Hand Cleanser

herbal pet supplies hand cleanser

This is definitely one for the humans more than the pets! My hands spend so much time being washed in harsh chemicals it’s so nice to be able to use this beautiful, chemical free hand cleanser! I take it with me on walks just in case the bag splits or for sticky sweet moments! I love how it smells and it doesn’t dry my hands out or make them sore!

  1. Herbal Pet Supplies: Eco-Cleaner

eco cleaner display

This product is a MUST have, it’s totally chemical free, safe to use in all areas of your home. From cleaning the toilet to cleaning your windows it’s got you covered! I’ve found the eco-cleaner to be much kinder on my hands whilst also being super effective at cleaning all area’s of my home, including the washing machine! I’m not the only one who absolutely loves the eco-cleaner range, you only have to search for Herbal Pet Supplies Eco-Cleaner to see the number of reviews and times it sells out! The scents of this fantastic product change with the seasons and that’s fantastic because you’ll never get bored!

  1. KONG: Zoom Groom Brush

Kong Zoom Groom top ViewKong Zoom Groom Bottom View

Those of you with short-haired breeds will be no strangers to shedding fur. I’m regularly asked about what brush I recommend to help with this in-between professional grooming appointments. For me the KONG Zoom Groom is the only brush you need for a short coat, if used correctly you can get an astonishing amount of dead coat removed. As this brush is rubber you can use it in the bath or on a dry coat, I always recommend using it on a clean, dry coat for the best results.

  1. Rosewood Nail Clippers

I personally use the Rosewood Nail Clippers for all the dogs I groom and on Lilly. Now nail clipping isn’t for everyone but good nail care is vital, long nails can be exceptionally painful and can cause real issues with your dog’s ability to walk correctly. If you’re not confident in using nail clippers speak with your dog groomer, they’ll be happy to help!

Do you have a product you couldn’t be without in Spring?



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