Review Policy

We wanted to be super transparent about our reviews, as such we have written this policy so that everyone knows where they stand.

Should you have any concerns or questions about this policy please contact us via [email protected]

Do you write negative reviews?

I’ll start as I mean to go on here and that is honestly, if I really dislike a product or feel it isn’t suitable for the blog, I simply won’t review it. However, if the product may be suitable for my readers and their dogs I will review it, even if Lilly isn’t keen. I will be constructive in my review writing so if I have a valid reason for a negative aspect of a product I will discuss it. This blog is meant to help owners find items that are suitable for their beloved pets, I will be looking at products without bias.

If we send you a product, when will you write the review?

This is completely dependent on my workload at the time your product arrives. When I receive your product I will contact you with a better time-scale as I believe that each product should be given ample testing time, especially if it’s a toy, accessory or bed.

How will we the reader know if you have been sent the product free of charge?

If we are sent a product free of charge or are paid to write a review, we will make this VERY clear in the review itself.

What do we do with products that have been reviewed?

If the product is one we have purchased and isn’t edible, we will assess whether it is something Lilly really needs. If she doesn’t then we will look to send excess or unwanted products to local Dog Rescue Charities or possibly if the manufacturer agrees we may run give-aways.

Are there any products you won’t review?

As Lilly is our only dog and is fed a raw diet, we don’t review kibbles or other food types. Changing Lilly’s food isn’t something we want or need to do. However, if we grow and have guest bloggers they may choose to review such products.

Policy Created: 30/10/2018