Have you walked your energetic pooch for miles but still find them getting into mischief? Have you considered that your dog may be lacking some mental stimulation? Dogs have fantastic minds and sometimes if these minds aren’t exercised the you can end up with a bored pooch, which then leads to destruction or persistent pestering when you’re trying to watch the TV!

Enter the Lickimat, a food grade rubber mat with different textures impressed into it! The Lickimat is available in 2 sizes, Large and Regular with 3 texture types the Buddy, Playdate and Soother. However the Large size is only available in Buddy (we hope this will change in the future!).

Lickimat Buddy Large and Small

The Lickimat can also be used to help stressed and anxious pets, this is because the act of licking releases the calming hormone Cortisol. Therefore if you freeze the Lickimat then you can make this natural calming method last longer. I’m sure for those of you who own stressed and anxious pets, the upcoming Autumn/Winter season with its fireworks and bonfires will be keen to help relax your pets, this may very well help!

We tested the Lickimat Buddy Large which is suitable for larger breeds such as Labradors like Lilly, for our review purpose we used banana and yoghurt (check for artificial sweetners first), we mashed the banana into the mat and then spread the yoghurt over the top, we didn’t freeze it this time as this was Lilly’s first experience of the Lickimat as such it was a bit easier for her. As many Labrador owners will confess, food doesn’t tend to last long with a Labrador and normally the above combination in a bowl would last a minute max, so we were pleasantly surprised when the Lickimat which wasn’t frozen took her 10 minutes to devour! We can honestly say that we believe that freezing the Lickimat would make it last even longer, which is brilliant. The Lickimat would also be useful if you wanted to slow your dogs eating down, if you feed biscuits simply soak them in warm water first them mush into the mat and voila! you have lunch served a la Lickimat!  If you have any recipes or ideas for stuff to put on the Lickimat, please leave us a comment below!

LickiMat Buddy Large with mashed banana and natural yoghurt

We did find the cleaning of the mat a little fiddly but I think if we had let it soak in warm soapy water first this may have helped with the cleaning process. The Lickimat is non-toxic, microwave and freezer safe but it is advised that you hand wash it.

If your dog is a chewer we don’t recommend leaving them unattended with the Lickimat, after all it’s not a chew toy and can be a choking hazard.

Price wise we feel that the pricing is fair and is worth it as your Regular size is £5 and the Large Buddy is £7.99.

To find out more about the Lickimat you can visit the manufacturers website here.

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