Lilly the Labrador aims to help other dog owners find some fantastic products to spoil their dog. We’ve all seen the minefield that is the pet products isles in pet shops. It is our hope that we can give you our personal experiences with products ranging from treats to toys and everything in-between.

We love all things natural so you’ll find a lot of reviews, of natural treats and everyday products suitable for your four legged friend. As Lilly is fed a raw diet we don’t review kibbles or tinned food, we simply wouldn’t be able to give you an honest review of these types of products.

Our reviews promote our views on the product in question, we buy most of the products we review. However, should a manufacturer send us a product for review we’ll be sure to let you know! Should this happen we guarantee that you will receive our unbiased view of that product.

Emma & Lilly

Top 8 Natural Products For Your Dog This Spring

Spring is almost here and many dogs will have already started shedding their winter coat, ready for their Summer coat. Spring brings with it the risk of fleas and ticks along with the dreaded shed! I wanted to share with you my Top 8 Products for Short Coated Breeds....

Leucillin Antiseptic Skin Care Review

Minor cuts and grazes are frequent in a dog owners life, but is Leucillin the answer?

Lickimat Review

Have you walked your energetic pooch for miles but still find them getting into mischief? Have you considered that your dog may be lacking some mental stimulation? Dogs have fantastic minds and sometimes if these minds aren't...

Is the Tuffy’s Ultimate Bone really that tough?

If you have a dog that destroys toys in minutes, it can be a nightmare to find toys that last. Now I'll be honest Lilly isn't the destructive type now that she is older, however, when she was a pup, a cuddly toy didn't stand a chance! This is when I started looking...


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